September 11, 2001 is a day most of us will never forget.  We can remember where we were and what we were doing when our Country was attacked by terrorists.  We remember and honor those who gave their life that day to secure our Country as well as those who perished in the attacks.

On Friday, June 16, 2011 an artifact from 9/11 traveled through Medina County.  A steel eye beam from New York City to Wauseon, Fulton County, Ohio draped with an American Flag, was given a silent escort in appreciation an memory.  The procession of Police, Fire and EMS Departments escorted this honored memorial for all to see.

We appreciate the City of Wauseon bringing this memorial through Medina County so that we can share in the remembrance of the tragedy of 9/11.  Let us not forget what took place on 9/11 but let us march forward remembering all that was lost.

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